The Still Life Workshop blog is being discontinued, but I will post occasional set up photos on my BenikArts blog starting Fall of 2016.

We have spent the past year preparing to move from our Denver area home. This journey is nearly complete, and I will be setting up my new studio over the next couple of months.

Explore your world and paint what you love!

Understanding Shapes

Shapes within shapes:  Every object within a still life can be broken down into a simple geometric form or a combination of simple forms and shapes:


Look at the items chosen for the still life and visualize which of these shapes apply.  You may have a complex object that can be broken down into more than one of these forms.  Study the object carefully to see if you can determine the breakdown.  If you are new to rendering art forms, start with simple basic objects that are easier to replicate on a two dimensional surface.

Here's an example of breaking down objects into simple forms:

The berries in the vase can be broken down into circles and ellipses.  Keep these simplified shapes in mind as you gather objects for your still lifes.