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We have spent the past year preparing to move from our Denver area home. This journey is nearly complete, and I will be setting up my new studio over the next couple of months.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sylvia Young
Jo Liddell

Jo Liddell

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Painting glass is always a challenge.  Here is a photo of bottles and jars from a recent still life set up.

Bottles & Jars
The shadows on the left are interesting because they include colored light that is being transmitted through the bottles.

You may paint this, or set up your own still life using clear or colored glass pieces.  I look forward to seeing your art!

Again, there are no deadlines to the Still Life Workshop challenges, so work on them at your own pace.  The next still life painting challenge will be posted on Sunday October 21st (more or less).

Follow the "Send Your Pictures" rules on the right when you are ready to share your artwork, but most of all, have fun!