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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 2012 Challenge: Daisies in Clay Pot

Rebecca Wang
Cathy Gondek
Lydie Pieplu
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This month's challenge presents some materials that should be easier to paint than what we had in our first two challenges.  The clay pots are a dull surface without reflections, so it's a matter of showing the color and the light versus dark values to create the forms of the pots.  There are no reflections, so it should be easier to focus on the shapes within the image.

Daisies in Clay Pot
While the background fabric has a bit of a lace pattern to it, it's not necessary for you to include that detail if you are struggling with it.

Again, there are no deadlines to the Still Life Workshop challenges, so work on them at your own pace.  The next still life painting challenge will be posted on July 22nd (more or less).

Follow the "Send Your Pictures" rules on the right when you are ready to share your amazing paintings.  Have fun!

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